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Heart & Bone Apothecary

Heart & Bone Apothecary is a place of healing, surviving, thriving and developing resiliency with herbs, trauma responsive processing modalities & open space. Heart & Bone Apothecary offers one-on-one consultations, custom herbal formulas, flower essence blends, somatic & emotional processing modalities as well as resiliency skill resourcing in a safe, grounded and informative practice.

I specialize in those who make their lives by helping others, holding space, providing care and organizing community, but all are welcome. Folks who work in direct care or the behavioral health field, qualify for sliding scale sessions. I am available for distance sessions as well as keep regular office hours in Asheville. I offer an inclusive, safe space and will meet you where you are at--in the struggle, surfacing, victorious, curious.  

Why We Do the Work

For a number of years, I’ve worked in corporate behavioral health and have found that the body, the natural world, and somatic ways of processing trauma have been inaccessible to those needing them the most. I believe that recovery from trauma begins with cultivating awareness and attunement to our own emotional and physical bodies--only then can we explore paths to resolution, recovery and resilience. Resilience is something we all have; it is woven into our very being. I believe in the ability for each person to heal themselves. For each person in turn to heal their communities. I have lived this and I have witnessed this. This belief is imbeded into every fiber of this practice.

I believe that certain kinds of stress, trauma and oppression can be recovered from and there are others that are inherently a part of our individual and collective lives. The approach for cultivating resilience for each of these is subtly different. Many modes of treatment address the traumas of the past and are not able to provide tools and support for the very living and breathing stressors in the present. Heart & Bone strives to do both. I help you find a place where you feel balanced and then we work on moving from survival into thriving. 

We'll talk about your literal dreams, your digestion, pet peeves, magical thinking, plant constituents, the liver, your will to live, beauty and challenges. This is about creativity, having allies, about widening your circles of belief and creating flexibility. 

Who We Are

Lauren Miller (she/they) is the main body and voice behind Heart & Bone, but does not work alone. Lauren is part of a thriving community of colleagues and mentors nestled in the Appalachian mountains. It is this vibrant community that allows her to provide such valuable support for others. 

Lauren is first and foremost a compassionate and emotionally adept human being. Second to that, she is a grief and trauma worker. Lauren has come into the gift of holding space for others, being a mirror, a clarifying voice in confusion and an ally for those who are striving for greater vitality. She truly believes that this work is about you and not about her. The work of recovery, living fully and opening to new ways of believing is courageous. This is work that you do, sweet friends. We are just part of the process. 

Lauren is a TRE provider and utilizes TRE and breath to help folks release trauma that is creating disturbances in daily life. Professionally, she has been a direct care worker in trauma recovery for seven years and has created programming within her communities to support folks in helping professions. She believes in the power of connection--without it, lasting recovery is hard going.

Lauren is a certified herbalist and studied at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. She has studied herbal and energetic plant medicine with Rae Swersey, Asia Suler, Janet Kent, Dave Meesters, CoreyPine Shane, Mimi Hernandez, Paul Strauss, Gwynnie Hale and Caty Crabb.  

Lauren has taught workshops on trauma informed care, burnout resiliency, somatic processing and herbalism at Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine’s Clinical and Holistic Herbalism programs, Firestorm Coop, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and various private retreats/workshops.

Lauren is currently in training to offer breathwork sessions and is studying and attending the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training modules. Lauren strives be trauma responsive in all of her work.