Anger is Valid: Angst, Anger and Irritation as Necessary Healing

May 11, 2019 in Asheville, NC

Anger has a valid place in our lives as teacher, but its reception in public and private life can frequently be complicated or confusing. We will explore anger as a primary emotion in its own right. Come to this workshop if you want to explore: what different types of anger are trying to tell you; anger’s healing purpose in trauma recovery and necessary place in activism; practices for honoring anger instead of suppressing or over-identifying; and how to use various plant medicines to manage, listen to, and boldly experience embodied, healing anger.

How to Heal Yourself: Trauma, Attachment, Relationship to Self & Plant Medicine

Three Part Series in June (Dates TBD) at Terra Sylva School in Marshall, NC

This in-depth 3-part workshop will cover progressive theories on attachment, trauma recovery, intrapersonal relationships, and the autonomic nervous system. We will explore the parallels between the skills used to find, experience and integrate plant medicine and skills needed to create secure attachments first with ourselves and then with others. We will cover the applications and uses of single herbs with various attachment states to increase our ability to heal, hold hope and be fully embodied. This work is my life’s work and I’m so excited to share this in a formal setting for the first time.

*Contact me here to reserve a space or visit the linked websites.

More to come soon!